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Thousands of Tameside youngsters have been trained in this facility over the years since it was purpose built in 1978, a few of the staff at the unit today were either members of staff or cadets at the unit back then.

Since 1978 the unit has had many paint jobs, two years ago a purpose built accommodation block with boys and girls dormitories, staff accommodation and toilets/showers was added above a new boat house where all the unit/boating repairs are done. In addition just over a year ago the unit extended its galley to provide a purpose built commercial kitchen to handle more cadets/visitors at the unit.

The unit is host to various organisations both in the sea cadet community and also schools, clubs and the police for training. We can provide accommodation, catering facilities and plenty of classrooms fitted with internet connected computers - the ideal place to run training weekends or even the occasional party or get together. If you are interested in using our facility's then please emailadmin@tsquantock.co.uk to find out more.

Unit/Cook Steward/Main Deck | Galley, ET, MCD, Boat House | Training Office, Stores, New Entrys

Seamanship, Writer Stores, Communications | Accomodation, Bridge, Admin Office | COs Office, Chairmans Office, Wardroom

Situated on the Leeds/Liverpool Canal, handy for canoeing the unit is secure by high fencing and a cctv system that monitors whats going on around the unit from the Office. On entering the wood panel entrance we have a quartermasters desk on the left with male, female and officers heads (toilets)..

The first classroom as you enter the unit is currently used for cook/steward training, cadets can learn not just about cooking but about how to serve food at mess dinners, how to layout table and folding napkins. Cadets also learn about food hygiene.

As you make your way down the corridor you will pass the stairs to the 1st floor wardroom/commanding officers cabin and ships office onto the main deck, where cadets perform window ladder training, drill and parade training and general rope work and games. On the main deck are various notice boards, a cadets training board and the units picture gallery of cadets at work and play.

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