Calling all New Recruits

If you're out to enjoy life as much as possible, this is the place for you! Fun, friendship, adventure and learning new skills is what we're about - based on waterborne activities, but with lots of other exciting things to learn and do on land as well. Have a look and see what you could be getting involved in.

IIf you’ve got the bottle – tell it to the Marines!

And pretty soon you could be following in the footsteps of the Royal Marine commandos – the cream of Britain’s fighting forces.

Learn the combat skills of camouflage and concealment, reach a rendezvous with a map and compass or just the stars to guide you and get to grips with the firepower of some of the latest weapons.

Yes, you can test your talents against one of the toughest challenges in the book and develop new skills to give you a head start in life. All you have to do is click here and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest Sea Cadet Unit with a Marine Cadet Detachment. And to really impress your friends, there’s a bonus in store, for when you change out of your combat kit, for parades and ceremonial occasions you’ll wear the famous "blues" – best uniform of the Royal Marines.

As you’d expect, the Marine Cadet Detachments are highly disciplined so that each member of a "troop" can depend one hundred percent on his mates. You’ll learn self-discipline and teamwork – all the battle savvy of the fighting soldier. And because you’re part of a Sea Cadet Unit there are all the water-borne activities too. MCDs are open to boys and girls from age 13 and promotion prospects are good. So when you make Sergeant, you’ll be leading your own troops into firefights where every split second counts.

So why not move on from the action man make believe of computer games, become a Marine Cadet -- and get real.

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