(April 09)
New Canoe's. The unit took delivery of its canoe fleet replacement...
(May 09)
New Laser Bahia. The unit took delivery of its latest laser Bahia..
(May 09)
New Laser Pico's. The unit took delivery of 2 new Laser Pico's..
6th OCt
Window ladder display,flag day in front of Ashton town hall steps
New Extension.
Plans are currently being drawn up for our new extension - this will a 2 level addition lower boathouse and upper will be 3 new classrooms...

Boathouse conversion
Finishing touches are currently being applied to our conversion from boathouse to accommodation..

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Below are links/details of those sponsors and supporters who's support is very much appreciated:.

Vestibulum libero nisl

Saycell & Son Ltd

Finer Homes

How do we do it ?

“As well as our sponsor support, it takes a lot to keep Tameside Sea Cadets up and running. It not just about cash (although that helps) if you are able to offer any sort of support then please help our cadets to get a head start. Call us now on 0161 308 4252.”
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