North West Area PT Branch Strikes Again!


The North West Area Physical Training Branch ran their final qualifying course for this training year at Tameside Sea Cadets last weekend with a total of 28 candidates applying; supported by the North West Area PT Staff and the staff of Tameside Sea Cadets. The course was lead by Sergeant (SCC) Andy Edgar (Area Staff Officer PT) along with his assistant and Chief Staff Instructor POPT (SCC) Shane Faulkner (Corps Physical Training Instructor).

Sgt (SCC) Edgar said “this last training year has seen a staggering number of cadets come and test themselves mentally and physically through a varied physical training programme over 2 days instruction; which I say with confidence is not for the fait hearted. The cadets learn a great deal and lengthen their paths in so many ways when they come on course from gaining basic know how on taking younger cadets and pier’s for RT Games and Daily Exercises to learning about how the human body reacts to physical exercise. I believe the cadets really get a sense of the kind of fitness level and stamina it takes not only to pass a physical training course in the sea cadets but also the kind of physical ambition it takes to get through the Royal Navy training phase.”

In total there was 27 cadets and 1 adult member of staff qualifying on course, all of which passed at varied levels (some with partial on one assessment or for various uncompleted duties). POPT (SCC) Shane Faulkner (Chief Staff Instructor) commented that “this last course to date has brought together a total of 6 Units and the biggest number of candidates to date that I can remember in the last 5 years since we first moved our courses here at Tameside Sea Cadets. Cadets, when they first come on course they are brought together for a health and safety brief by Lt Cdr (SCC) Graham Broadbent RNR (CO Tameside Sea Cadets) and then are handed over to the PT Staff and Instructors where from 2100 on Friday evening till 1400 Sunday afternoon they instil the importance of appearance, time keeping and self delivery until when the time comes to return to their various Units around the Area they are mentally and physically stretched to their limits in all senses of the word. It is a great privilege to be able to see such a mixed ability of cadets improve in such a way come the end of the course you see a massive change in character and self-confidence in each candidate. A big Bravo Zulu to you all.”

From records kept a total of 84 cadets have passed Physical Trainer 3rd Class and 2 Adults passing Adult Basic Instructor in the last training year. A big thank you goes to the Commanding Officer of Tameside Sea Cadets for the use of his Units facilities. To all of the North West Area PT Staff for their continuous effort and determination to carry forth the branch in the North West Area. But most of all to the cadets and adult volunteers who apply to come on course.

Course dates for the up and coming training year have been approved and will be on Westminster in the very near future; the first of which will be 5th-7th February 2010

From all of the North West Area PT Staff have a great Christmas Holiday and very Happy New Year.


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