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17th July 2006
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HMS Albion on the Thames
and the Window Ladder Team

Cadets onboard HMS Albion during its trip from Plymouth to London last week

Dear Reader,
Cadets do their first Royal Peformance

Tameside Sea Cadets peform for HM The Queen

On Friday 14 July Sea Cadets from Tameside Unit gave a right royal performance. The window Ladder Display team carried out their breathtaking display directly before Her Majesty the Queen.  As Patron of the Sea Cadets Corpsí parent charity, The Marine Society & Sea Cadets, Her Majesty flew onto the ship to attend a reception commemorating the organisationís 250th anniversary on board HMS Albion moored at st1:City w:st="on">Greenwich in London.o:p>

As well as hosting HM The Queen, the cadets performed on Saturday the First Sea Lord and guests at a second reception held on the ship. The window ladder team and hundreds of other cadets put in a lot of effort. The cadets who made up the 70-man Sea Cadet band and a 96-man royal guard at the function, as well as undertaking Stewarding duties showed HM The Queen, The First Sea Lord, The undersecretary for Defence as well as lots of other VIP guest what a fantastic job young people of today can do.

The cadets from Tameside finished the display and to the tune 'Rule Britannia' played by the Royal Marines Band ran up the ramp to meet the Queen in person.

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About The Marine Society & Sea Cadets

Founded in 1756 as a response to the recruitment and trading challenges brought about by the Seven Years War, the original aim of The Marine Society was to rescue destitute boys from the streets, give them a suit of clothes and train them to work on board the Kingís ships. Its activities have since broadened to incorporate the provision of libraries to ships, book selling and education to seafarers in both the Royal and Merchant Navies. In November 2004 it merged with the Sea Cadet Association to form The Marine Society & Sea Cadets, bringing the management of the Sea Cadet Corps into the charityís remit.

About the Sea Cadet Corps

Founded in 1899, the Sea Cadet Corps is jointly supported by the Royal Navy and its parent charity, The Marine Society & Sea Cadets. Each of the 386 units throughout the UK is an independent charity, raising funds and support in the local community. The Corps offers a wide range of largely free activities for boys and girls aged 10-18. It aims to encourage good citizenship and provide worthwhile qualifications, experience and adventure for young people. It gives them the opportunity to learn life skills whilst having fun and making friends. The dedicated volunteers who staff the units are selected with care and are fully qualified to work with young people.

For more information and to find out how you might be able to support The Tameside Sea Cadets contact Graham Broadbent on 0161 308 4252, webmaster@tsquantock.co.uk or click on website: www.tsquantock.co.uk

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Royal Marines Band & Window Ladder Team
The Marines and Cadets pose for a photo
HMS Albion passing through the Thames Barrier

Cadets line up on the flight deck as the number 250


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